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Category and technology of cosmetic plastic bottle

Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 03, 2018

1. The cream bottle, cap, bottle plug, gasket, pump head and dust cover for the thick wall of cosmetics container are injection molding. The PET blowing bottle is two step molding, the tube embryo is injection molding, and the finished product is packed into a bottle. Other lotion bottles and washing bottles, such as the thinner wall of the container, are flask.

2. hot gold, hot silver and other processing technology is different from the effect of gold powder and silver powder. Hard material and smooth surface are more suitable for stamping gold and iron. The soft surface is not good, easy to fall off, and the glossiness of the hot gold and silver is better than the Indo gold silver. The screen is transparent, the color is transparent, the gold is hot, and the process of hot silver is made out of the sun. The effect of the graphic and the text is transparent, and the background color is the color. The proportion of words and patterns should not be too small or too small, otherwise the effect will not be printed.

3. The bottle cap is generally equipped with internal gaskets, pulling caps and plugs, and a few are equipped with spoons or droppers. This is mainly to consider its sealing and ease of use.

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