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Children's plastic cups quality requirements should not be underestimated

Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 17, 2015
Source: Children's plastic cups quality requirements should not be underestimated

Recently, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Hennes & Mauritz, jointly announced a children's plastic cups in Italy voluntary recall, because the glass cup easy break, if a child accidentally swallowed, creating the risk of suffocation. The recall of the product specifications for 16 ounces, the color pink and blue, as of now, H & M has received one report of broken cup. In this regard, the company advises consumers to immediately stop using the recalled products to children and contact the company to return and get a refund.

The plastic cups belonging to the food contact plastics, are high-risk products. According to SN / T2139-2008 "plastic products import and export inspection procedures," requirements, such cups should belong to product quality defects, drop test will not pass. This case remind the relevant inspection and quarantine personnel in highly concerned about product safety and health program, while the ring, in strict accordance with the standard testing to ensure the basic quality of products to enhance safety awareness and responsibility.

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