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Defects PET plastic bottles

Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 17, 2015
Source: Defects PET plastic bottles

1, PET plastic bottles for beer filling equipment is poor adaptability. PET plastic bottles can not be used as washing machine cleaning, can only be washed with high pressure sterile water, sterile state of the bottle can not be guaranteed (especially after long-term storage of bottles); non-heat-resistant PET plastic bottles can not pasteurized sterilization of aseptic packaging workshop of the higher state requirements; PET plastic bottle labeling methods are quite different from the way the current labeling bottles, labeling machines to be modified.

2, the impact of PET plastic bottles for beer shelf life: After filling loss of 10% -15% carbon dioxide, oxygen into beer beer increasing aging. PET plastic bottles need to improve the ability of UV protection to prevent sun appears beer smell.

3, regardless of the organic synthetic materials are unavoidable presence of small amounts of organic monomers, when prolonged contact with the inner wall of a beer bottle, there must be a small amount of organic matter dissolved.

4, the strength of PET plastic bottles. Due to the strength of PET plastic bottles is not as glass bottles, can not be used any way exclude secondary evacuation air bottle can not be directly used to fight capping machine to play crown cover, we need to transform install wine machines and capping machines. Currently beer manufacturers are worried about the question is: 0.60% (m / m) carbon dioxide content, PET plastic bottles can withstand the impact caused by manual handling? In the storage process can withstand 12 yards stack height of pressure? How (whether to break or leak) in safety during transport?

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