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Detergent packaging grades

Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 17, 2015
Source: Detergent packaging grades

IML application in foreign countries already have considerable time, making its mold labeling and in-mold labeling machines, the application has been very mature, in-mold label is a label different from the traditional package of new labeling and packaging labeling and packaging in the form of the traditional form of the main heat-shrinkable label packaging, Label packaging and direct screen printing labels packaging? snow, he appeared to labeling and packaging to bring very significant revolution. Compared with the traditional form of packaging labels, in-mold labeling of advantages, 1, play a security role, 2, improve product quality, label color more vivid, smooth feel, 3, simplify the production process, greatly improving production efficiency, 4, IML products practical, low loss, not Alice standard, damaged, and a waterproof, anti-oil, acid, abrasion, throw, labels and products can be recovered at the same time, simplifying the regeneration process, taking into account the environmental protection. At present, there are more and more cosmetics, detergent manufacturers the choice of in-mold labeling plastic bottles to package their products, such as Wuhan silk Bowes, jade, Guangzhou Blue Moon and other companies are the first to use IML Japanese enterprise One of the current labeling plastic containers bons companies all use die. IML in cosmetics, cleaning products, household chemicals and other industry applications will be more widely, more and more by consumers.

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