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Introduction of plastic bottle Technology

Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 14, 2018

In fact, the processing technology of plastic bottles is actually quite strict. In fact, the regular manufacturers have their own strict processing methods. There are many problems to be paid attention to in the processing of plastic bottles.

First, when the plastic is designed, if the material is high density polyethylene or polypropylene, the cross section of the plastic bottle should be rectangular or oval. For the material of low density polyethylene or other flexible material, the cross section of the bottle is round, because it is convenient for the content to be extruded from the plastic bottle. The plastic bottle mouth is mainly used for the bottle cap and the sealing device. The design of the bottle mouth should be considered to make the plastic bottle mouth better with the cover and the seal. The bottom of the plastic bottle is the weak part of the mechanical properties of the plastic bottle. Therefore, the bottom of plastic bottle is generally designed to be concave. The corners and the recesses of plastic bottles make larger arc overshoot. For easy stacking of plastic bottles, plastic bottles increase stacking stability, plastic bottles at the bottom of the groove in the design should be.

Second, when marking the surface of plastic bottles, try to make the marking surface smooth. Can design a "frame" in plastic bottles to label surface, accurate positioning, no movement. During blow molding, the place where the billet is blown first and where it contacts first always tends to harden ahead. As a result, the thickness of the wall is larger. The location of edge and corner is the last contact area of parison swelling, and the wall thickness of this part is small. Therefore, the edges and corners of plastic bottles should be designed as fillet. The change of the surface shape of plastic bottles, such as the relative thinner in the middle of the plastic bottle, increasing the circumferential grooves or convex tendons on the surface of the plastic bottle, can improve the stiffness and flexural resistance of the plastic bottle. Longitudinal grooves or stiffeners can eliminate the migration, droop or deformation of plastic bottles under long-term load.

Third, the printing surface of plastic bottles is the most concentrated part of consumers. The printing surface should be smooth and continuous. If the plastic bottle contains handles, grooves, stiffeners and other structures, attention should be paid to the inconvenience of printing operation when designing. The elliptical plastic bottle has higher rigidity and higher manufacturing cost. Therefore, in order to ensure the stiffness of plastic bottles, in addition to the selection of materials with high stiffness, the plastic bottles should be designed to enhance the stiffness and load resistance of the plastic bottles.

Fourth, because most plastics have the sensitivity of the concave mouth, the plastic bottles are prone to crack and crack in the sharp corner, the root of the thread of the mouth, and the neck and other parts. So these parts should be designed to be round angles. For the transfer of a rectangular plastic bottle, most of the load of the plastic bottle needs to be supported. Therefore, the wall thickness of the plastic bottle is increased locally, and the stiffness and load resistance of the plastic bottles are improved.

We must pay attention to the above problems in processing and packaging plastic bottles.

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