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Is the plastic bottle more transparent, the better?

Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 14, 2018

Nowadays, transparent plastic bottle packaging relies on its increasingly transparent appearance in the field of food and beverage packaging.

In the past, glass bottles occupied the leading position of food and beverage packaging market through its transparent appearance. With the appearance and accession of transparent plastic bottles such as PET and PP, the advantages of transparent plastic bottles, which are lower cost and more, begin to gain the upper hand in the market.

Indeed, transparent plastic bottles can allow customers to see the goods inside the package, and it is obviously very important for the food consumption not to be trusted today. However, the production of transparent plastic bottles is not as beautiful as our phenomenon, in order to increase the transparency of plastic bottles, we need to join the BPA, BPA is what we commonly call the bisphenol A. We all know that bisphenol A is harmful to human body, though under certain conditions, the structure of plastic bottle is stable, and it will not affect human body. But with the improvement of transparency, the use of bisphenol A will increase, which will only be bad for the human body.

Therefore, under the same conditions, our consumers can choose the plastic bottles that are not so high or the packaging of glass bottles so that the use will be more reassuring.

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