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PET plastic bottle market

Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 17, 2015
Source: PET plastic bottle market

More and more drinks, juices, non-carbonated drinks, iced tea, coffee, sports drinks, purified water, sterilized milk and formula bar, must maintain good antibacterial properties in the filling process. In recent years, more and more choice of these drinks PET plastic bottle or container PP and HDPE bottles. As can be seen, the next few years, PET plastic bottles for aseptic filling market will grow at twice the current rate of increase. Meanwhile, the competition category different liquid food packaging products tend fierce, sterile plastic bags will divide aseptic pillow type paper packaging market share of whole milk; high-density polyethylene plastic bottles will compete roof type paper packaging lactic acid bacteria beverage, yogurt, etc. product market share; plastic bottles will share share aseptic packaging juice drinks and the like.

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