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Plastic bottles are widely used in daily chemical industry

Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 17, 2015
Source: Plastic bottles are widely used in daily chemical industry

Since the transparent container allows consumers to clearly see the contents, so consumers are increasingly demanding transparent containers wide and transparent polypropylene CPP is to meet this requirement the main material, the development of transparent PP bottles is near a few years at home and abroad a hot plastic packaging. Compared with other transparent plastics resin, CPP is ordinary and cheap, highly competitive new products. Highly transparent polypropylene container having good transparency and gloss, enjoy strong popular. Such as Clairol Herbal series with such containers is through transparent bottle wall and shampoo, you can see the rear wall pasted a picture of green grass, a pleasure to watch.

Transparent PET plastic bottles has become the same as it is today and cosmetics manufacturers competing to use containers. Such as NICE, blue moon, open-meter and Qu subjects and some corporate and brand shower gel, skin care products, cleaning supplies and so pioneered the use of PET containers. PET bottle has the following features a wide range of capacity, through stretch blow molding process to produce high-strength, highly transparent plastic bottle, commonly capacity range from tens milliliters to two liters bottles; 2 transparency and gloss, He has a good plasticity, impact resistance and dimensional stability, chemical stability, good gas barrier properties; 3PET bottle soft touch.

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