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Plastic packaging market with a bright future, funding remains the bottleneck

Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 17, 2015
Source: Plastic packaging market with a bright future, funding remains the bottleneck

Situation product line taking the low short-term financing needs of enterprises and more urgent closure of plastic packaging business difficult, very serious delay models in the industry, last year's purchase price up to now we have not come back. This year, it plans to expand its operations, but to bank financing is very difficult. Shenzhen plastic packaging companies face major European markets this year, with the spread of the debt crisis, the plastic packaging business in Europe and market orders gradually reduced, or even zero-order phenomenon, together with monetary tightening, high labor costs, rising raw material prices , and a series of energy-saving power rationing constraints, survival and development of plastic packaging business difficult.

Decrease in export orders, making a lot of plastic packaging companies have turned the mainland market, in order to attract more customers, among companies competing on price, take the low-end product line, low-cost operations. Export orders less, demand less. Now, factory rents rose, wages have gone up, raw material prices have gone up, market downturn, at the same time, the customer to the product price is low, some orders, even if do not profit. The industry, by taking the low-end product line will not work. Take the low-end product line of business, can only make the idea of raw materials, poor quality of raw materials to produce the product quality is definitely poor, corporate reputation can be damaged even by the customer in accordance with the contract deductions or fines. Shenzhen plastic packaging business failures last year, more than a dozen, many companies put the factory worth hundreds of millions of devices only in the hundreds of thousands or even lower prices to sell.

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