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Plastic tray market share is expected to further expand

Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 17, 2015
Source: Plastic tray market share is expected to further expand

Leading US market research firm Freedonia Group recently released a report that the US annual consumption of plastic pallets 1.1 billion. The next few years, the United States will use plastic pallets of 2.4% growth rate is expected in 2017 in the country of plastic pallets consumption will reach 2.6 billion.

The agency said the reason will replace plastic trays in just a few years time, a market favorite wooden pallets, because the tray has excellent impact resistance, chemical resistance and flame resistance.

In recent years, the intensity of the transportation sector demand for plastic pallets increased year by year. According to a local manufacturer of plastic pallets, compared with other materials, the quality of light plastic pallets, during transport can reduce fuel consumption, thereby reducing transportation costs, commodity manufacturers.

In order to better meet market demand, the US manufacturer of plastic container company called CABKA recently introduced a new model for CPP200 plastic tray. The tray 32 inches long, 24 inches wide, 5.1 inches tall, weight only 8.5 pounds. According CABKA company, compared with traditional plastic trays, this new renewable tray made of PE material and the design and safety performance has greatly improved, will be more suitable for cargo containers

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