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Selection of perfume glass bottles

Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2018

More than ten years ago perfume is the upscale product of the upper class society. With the development of the times, perfume has become more and more women's choice. He is one of the essential cosmetics before women go out. Now women pay more and more attention to their own appearance. They need not only wear clothes and beauty, but also wear perfume on their bodies and the unique perfume. The function is to make women more women. Perfume contact with air or sunlight will deteriorate, it is a very sensitive "creature". The opening of perfume is very important. This requires that the bottle with perfumed is well sealed and not reacts with the perfumes. It is best to keep the perfume in a cool place and avoid the sun, light, and the oven, In addition to the high temperature near the microwave oven, in addition, where moisture is too high, such as the bathroom, water vapor will enter the perfume, and the perfume will deteriorate.

The requirement of the perfume glass bottle is good, beautiful, to promote the consumer's desire to buy, to achieve the purpose of sales, the bottle mouth is generally a spiral mouth to ensure the airtight, and after the opening, the two seal is still excellent.

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