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The difference between the PET plastic bottle and the PP plastic bottle

Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 14, 2018

There are many materials for plastic bottles. The functions and characteristics of plastic bottles of different materials are also different. Here is a comparison between PET plastic bottles and PP plastic bottles.

Characteristics: PE is soft and feels waxy. Compared with the same plastic, it has lighter quality and transparency, and the flame is blue when burning.

Toxicity: nontoxic and harmless to the human body.

High density polyethylene (HDPE) is sold at a density of 0.945~0.96 grams / cubic centimeter, melting point 125~137 degrees Celsius.

Linear low density PE (LLDPE), density 0.925 g / cubic centimeter, melting point 120~125 degrees Celsius.

High pressure and low density PE (HP-LDPE), the density is 0.918 grams / cubic centimeter, melting point 105~115 degrees Celsius.

Application of polypropylene (PP): microwave oven, tableware, basin, plastic barrel, thermos bottle shell, woven bag and so on.

Characteristics: high chemical stability, good hygienic property and high heat resistance. Microwave oven tableware can be marked with PP marked plastic products.

Toxicity: nontoxic and harmless to the human body.

The polymer can have three kinds of three-dimensional structure: isotactic, inter gauge, random polypropylene, the former two can crystallize, and the latter can not. The structure of the marketed polypropylene product is basically listed, the melting point is 164~170 degrees centigrade, the crystalline part density is 0.935 grams per cubic centimeter, the unclean part is 0.851 grams / cubic centimeter.

The biggest disadvantage of PP is that it is easy to oxidize. Now it is overcome by adding antioxidants and ultraviolet absorbers.

Polyester (PET) application: plastic beverage bottles, medicine bottles, cosmetic bottles, bottle caps, and a variety of insulation cover.

Characteristics: good transparency, unbreakable, good chemical stability, and suitable for packaging various liquid or solid medicines. It has a good shade for ultraviolet light.

Toxicity: nontoxic.

PET plastic bottle is the mainstream of beverage packaging. The leading position of China's beverage packaging industry should be PET plastic bottles. So far, no better or better package material has been found to replace PET plastic bottles. The PP bottle is mainly the one step method of injection and drawing and two step heating and drawing machine. The molding PP bottle has the advantages of bright, robust and heat-resistant, and the price is lower than the radical data. Can be stored at 100 degrees centigrade

The general PP plastic bottle is added with 0.1%-0.4% sorbitol dimethylbenzene nucleating agent. Through blowing, blowing, injection, kneading, and so on, the high clear PP plastic bottle can be produced. PP plastic bottle with good temperature resistant function, sensitive bottle type, safety, hygiene and content of the taste of insisting on the poor, the price is cheaper than PET, PS, PE and other materials. The use of PP plastic bottles in the beverage packaging shopping mall has been gradually near the PET bottle, the modified resin, the antireflection agent and the mechanical equipment skills have developed from time to time, making the PP containers able to replace the glass, PET and PVC containers, with a broad market prospect.

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