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The disadvantage of cosmetic bottle packaging

Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2018

Cosmetics packaging has always been in the leading position in the packaging consumption, because cosmetics companies often do not cost the cosmetics packaging, a good price for a cosmetic is often related to its exquisite outer packaging, and the cosmetics bottle is the best in the delicate, elegant and big air. But if we look carefully, we can find that the makeup of cosmetics is only in plastic and glass materials from the beginning to the present, which indicates that the cosmetic bottle does not lead the product in innovation and material.

Other packaging fields are well done, such as beverage packaging in light quantization, paper packaging and plastic bags, and even our familiar tobacco packaging is introduced into iron box packaging, which are originally only carton packaging, and so on. These updates, more attention to environmental protection and recycling, or pay attention to the use of carrying parties. And so on. And we are looking at a cosmetic bottle, which has a large amount of use in the packaging industry. It has no environmental impact on the environment. It is difficult for us to reclaim the cosmetics in many cases, because the buyer of the waste will not accept the cosmetics bottles that we can spend a lot of money to buy. Many are thrown in the unknown corner, and may be buried underground for a long time. On the other hand, cosmetic bottles do not reduce material and reduce costs in the use of materials, and the use of new materials is not reflected in cosmetic bottles.

These are the problems of cosmetic bottles, and we hope that the suppliers can come up with a practical way to make an example in the cosmetic bottle today.

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