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The trend of cosmetic bottle packaging in the future: functionality, environmental protection and luxury.

Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 14, 2018

In the future, what direction will cosmetic bottle packaging evolve? I believe this is the most concern and concern of our cosmetic bottle manufacturers.

Regarding the development of cosmetic bottles in the future, we think they will develop towards three characteristics.

Functional, environmental and extravagant.

We will come from the three characteristics of cosmetics bottles of these trends analysis.

1. the functional properties of cosmetic bottles, such as the antioxidant function of vacuum bottles, can improve the quality of cosmetics and ensure the stability of cosmetic quality through cosmetic bottles. This kind of cosmetic bottle packaging will naturally be welcomed and welcomed by manufacturers.

2., the luxury of cosmetic bottles. As a matter of fact, cosmetic bottles now require cosmetic bottles to be luxurious packaging all over the society, which requires frugality. But the consumer market of cosmetic bottle packaging decides the pursuit of other luxury luxury images. Therefore, how to make frugal bottles frugal on the material and look high-end and luxurious on the packaging is a problem that manufacturers need to solve.

3. the environmental protection of cosmetics bottle, now whether it is the government or consumers for the packaging of environmental requirements more and more high, this is all the cosmetics bottle enterprises must face a big problem in the future.

The rapid development of the cosmetics market is closely related to the prosperity of the packaging market, but whether the emphasis has been strayed from, whether it is too concerned about the packaging, and waste the quality of the problem.

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