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What is the use of the skin care bottle that can be used?

Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 21, 2018

1, small cans like bottles can be used to make paper film, can be used to mix essential oil containers, can also be filled with earrings, and can be packed into travel clothes, and travel without extra money to buy travel clothing container.

2, medium (about 50G), pack some large cans of cream or body lotion or hand cream, and put them in a unit or gym.

3. Extra large bottles, especially glass bottles, can be used to put long necklaces without buying jewelry boxes.

4, some cosmetics counters do activities, empty bottles can be replaced by small samples.

5. Those with pipette, put olive oil or compound essential oil in your own mixture, and drop it out at any time.

6, long thin, such as a make-up water bottle, after washing to insert a small delicate plant, can also be used as a pen, because the cosmetics bottle design is more exquisite, so it is better than the outside of the vase, if you do not like the original color, DIY buy some color smear, absolutely unique

7. The finished pancake box, with some colored paper or silk and satin wrapped outside, is attached to the middle of the picture. It can be placed at home and can be put in the bag.

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