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Which is more important for the plastic packaging and the production of plastic bottles

Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 14, 2018

Now, the market some beverage, glass water and other plastic bottles, some small enterprises in order to save cost, there is a way to reduce the plastic bottle, to compress the production cost of plastic bottles.

In fact, there are two problems in this way.

The first is that the plastic bottle grip will be very bad, the use of the experience is also very poor, such a user experience, no matter what the product itself does, will ultimately affect the consumer experience. We should know that the packaging itself is not separated from the packaging, but a whole.

Second, nowadays, any product in the market is shaping brand. Branding is inseparable from packaging. After being overcompressed, the appearance of plastic bottles can hardly compete with other products' plastic bottles.

In the production and sale of plastic bottles, we often encounter a group of buyers. They have very strict cost requirements for plastic bottle packaging. The price will be very low, which leads to the production of plastic bottles often thin and soft, lost the plastic bottle packaging itself must reach the parameters, which makes the plastic bottle not comfortable, such plastic bottle packaging is obviously bad for the brand promotion.

Therefore, we hope our manufacturers not only pay attention to plastic bottle packaging, but also ignore the important role of plastic bottles in product marketing.

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