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You don't know the secret on the cosmetic box, teach you to understand the packaging.

Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2018

1. The shelf life of Kaifeng

If the sign is marked "12M", that is, the period of use after Kaifeng is 12 months. The time limit for preservation on the outer package refers to the time of storage when it is not opened. The composition of the skin care products is different, and the duration of the use is also different. The use period of make-up milk and make-up water is 6 months. The cream and essence are 9 to 12 months, and no preservatives and spices are not added.

2, environmental protection sign

The double color arrow indicates that the packaging of the product meets the requirements of green environmental protection, indicating that the product is from production to use until the final consumption recovery, which is in line with the requirements of ecological balance and environmental protection.

3. Do not close to the fire source

Indicate that the storage environment should be kept dry and avoid being close to fire sources, heat sources or exposure. For example, perfume, mousse, nail polish and other products on the packaging can be found such signs.

4, recoverable sign

This arrowhead sign indicates that the packaging of goods or goods is made of renewable materials, which is beneficial to the environment and the protection of the earth, and the use of recyclable and recyclable products can reduce the consumption of the earth's resources. There are different signs in different countries. Most of the products in Japan and South Korea are square. Most of the products in Europe and America are triangular, but they are all circular shapes with arrowheads.

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