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Aesthetics Of Plastic And Glass Packaging Highlights The Charm Of Cosmetics
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 15, 2017

Aesthetics of plastic and glass packaging highlights the charm of cosmetics

In the competition between plastics and glass, cosmetic packaging is one of the most stable positions in glass packaging. With a variety of new plastic materials have been developed, with the same glass transparent texture of the plastic packaging, with its rich color more than glass packaging effect and convenient processing performance, is quietly into the high-end cosmetics packaging market, and to enrich the image to highlight the make-up charm.

All kinds of new materials, new technology and new technology are emerging, which provides more abundant choices for cosmetic packaging design. In terms of high-end cosmetics, in order to achieve the desired effect, designers and packaging manufacturers make unremitting efforts to develop the most perfect packaging design.

Transparent texture

Transparent texture is one of the important trends in cosmetic packaging. Crystal clear, such as crystal appearance effect, rich and imaginative shape, so that cosmetics suppliers of transparent packaging favored. High-end cosmetics are flocking. Transparent packaging gives a sense of purity and a modern smell. Special structural design can also create wonderful results.

The challenge of transparency

Cosmetics packaging to achieve luxury noble effect, usually also use gold, silver and other colors, as a transparent package decoration. The basic color is milky white. Previous glass packaging can achieve very limited color, so plastic packaging has become the most important form of choice. There are two main ways for manufacturers to obtain plastic colors: one is to spray UV paint or paint on the surface; the other is to develop a new kind of resin mixture. These rich color effects can be achieved only when heavy metal fills are used in glass packaging, and the color range is very limited.

"No label" effect

Cosmetics labels are not just signs, they are often sold while they are selling cosmetics. The transparent label can also be used as the ornament of the product while the product information is clear. The product is still the center of the whole package, and the "no label" effect is the best decoration for the top grade products.

On the one hand, the label content plays a role in communicating with consumers; on the other hand, the "no label" effect is in contrast with the pure and transparent packaging, showing a fresh and inviting feeling. "No label" effect has become the favorite of high-grade cosmetics packaging. At present, the "label free" effect mainly uses the label material as transparent pressure sensitive film, and adopts the delicate patterns and characters of flexography or intaglio printing to realize "no label" effect.

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