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Carvings Of Acrylic Cosmetic Bottles Are Comparable To Crystal
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2018

How can cosmetic bottle packaging achieve exquisite results? Many cosmetic bottle designers and cosmetic manufacturers are very concerned about it. After all, people hope that the packaging can achieve the effect of "buying and selling the Pearl", so that their cosmetics can stand out on the dazzling shelves.

The effect that can make the cosmetic bottle carve, will naturally present the exquisite effect. The traditional glass bottle is difficult to carve, so it is very difficult to achieve. Besides blowing with moulds, ordinary plastic bottles are difficult to carve. The crystal glass bottle is capable of cutting and cutting. Many high-end perfume bottles and car perfume bottles are carve and look very beautiful. However, the high cost of crystal bottle packaging will naturally increase the cost of cosmetic packaging. Here we will focus on acrylic cosmetic bottles, which are easy to cut and carve out all kinds of shapes and sizes. Acrylic cosmetic bottle is low in cost and very suitable for large-scale use.

Acrylic cosmetic bottle using back carving method, the product is often very three-dimensional sense, after flame polishing fill color, very beautiful.

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