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Color Cosmetics Packaging Box
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 27, 2017

Color cosmetics packaging box

1, color printing, including color matching, color box, brochures, leaflets, posters, albums and color stickers and so on.

2, requirements and selection of complex, also known as Folding carton packaging box, the general use of 350g single copper paper, according to the volume and weight of the interior choose the appropriate thickness of cardboard, choose different grades of paper, can be matched as a corrugated board Lining, take fixed, anti-vibration or small containers, can increase the size of the box to increase the appearance of the generous, the design principle of the box is not only to ensure the strength but also to strive to be simple, for manual assembly will save time.

3, the color box, the first color after the laminator can do different specifications of the shape, color paper laminating paper for the single copper, aluminum paper, gray paper can choose different specifications or MDF, manual more cost more High, the usual will be accompanied by Shouwan Dai, plastic / sponge / paper tray, silk together.

4, manual optional plain paper 60g-80g or 105g and 128g, 157g art paper, leaflets and posters or albums with more than 105g coated paper.

5, India stickers, choice of coated paper and various types of material stickers, silver or transparent aluminum foil paper and other materials.

6, in order to protect the design effect, and color print with a comparable, with the output of the film can be first computer proofing,

7, the color printing can do the process and the appearance of a surface polishing or glazing, matte, laser film, bronzing and embossing effect, beer, sticky box forming or bonding PVC film (also known as the window) and Thermal, onion technology, uv effects.

8, thermal bump process, there is no need to bulge after printing obvious three-dimensional effect, heat bump fluorescent, matte and a variety of color effects, Choi onion process (in the greeting card used more)

9, laser silver, gold two colors, can be made of rainbow and local hologram card, a very high security role.

10, matte process Suitable for aluminized film, aluminum foil, process features a strong sense of metal, harmonious color noble, feel comfortable, but also the effect of metal etching.

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