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Cosmetics Or Skin Care Products After Empty Bottles Can Be Used To Do?
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 05, 2018

Flower arrangement

With the empty perfume bottle, remove the nozzle and pipette, pour half a bottle of water, plug in a flower, is a literary small fresh Fan children's vase

Wide mouth fragrance candle cup, suitable for a full bouquet.

Slender bottle, narrow mouth lotion or lotion bottle, you can plug a few branches of the small flowers.


Candle cup can not only be a vase, when the flower pot is also competent.

Planting green plants

In addition to being able to plant flowers, small cups of green plants are also a good idea.

With the most suitable cup of green plants, is undoubtedly fleshy.

Cream bottles can also be used to grow petite meat.

When makeup brush tube

Candle cup put makeup brush, is the choice of many beauty bloggers.

When the pen holder

Of course, a nice candle cup also enhances the color of the entire desk.

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