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Defects And Advantages Of Glass Bottle Packaged Cosmetics
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 16, 2018

A perfume bottle is beautiful, of course, but what makes it so sizzling? There are all kinds of styles, and the decoration supplier Beauty Packaging thinks that there are countless styles that can be done.

Although glass bottles, as a kind of rich absorbent packaging material, can give the product a quality dynamic that other types of materials can not convey, but the use of glass bottles to package cosmetics is still somewhat difficult. For example, adhesion and wear resistance, especially for perfume bottle packaging. The non-incompatibility of the glass outline will also result in seizures. Some experts also pointed out that the outline of all glass is very unsatisfactory, and because glass is often more noble, scraping is a result and special packaging is required to avoid wear. In addition, glass is also very noble, so transportation costs are also very high.

Hermés 'Terred' Hermés is also decorated by Saint-Gobain Desjonquéres. It is characterized by an impressive rectangular idea on a large piece of glass with a wide three-dimensional plate. The orange screen printed word "Terred 'Hermés" was decorated in front of the glass bottle and raised the "H" engraved into the base of the glass bottle in Hermés. The emulsion and aftershave packaging bottles are frosted glass.

Some experts also believe that the most popular trend in glass bottle decoration today is still inorganic spraying. For example, the metallic luster purple on Yilishabai.yadun's Britney Spear Fantasy perfume bottle was obtained using a spray color process. The industry believes that most customers are still using sand-glass bottles because it can hide defects in the glass.

The American Glass Packaging Association also believes that another trend of glass decoration is to delay the brand through color. For example, Estee Lauder's DKNY 'sBeDelicious was finally packaged in a light green glass bottle. In order to tie in with the Valentine's Day and Father's Day promotions, Estee Lauder has launched a red and amber glass bottle from scratch. RalphLauren's Polo Cologne also hopes to establish a body-branded asset through its Polo-signed green packaging bottle. It launched a dark blue bottle under the name Polo Blue and described it as a Cologne for casual and generous men.

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