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Don't Throw Away The Bottle When The Cosmetics Are Used Up.
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2018

These seemingly useless cosmetics bottles, as long as some small transformation, but there are many unexpected uses.

cosmetics bottles

Pick a few bottles of delicate, regular shape of the small bottle wash, dry, after travel sub bottling, it is appropriate.

For example, the use of eye cream in the bottle of aloe vera gel, it is convenient to carry, but also very texture.

Like some lighter bottles, it can also be used for hand cream, body milk and so on.

You can also wash the empty bottles with water, dry them, label them, and make them into storage boxes. Such as pins, paper clips, earnails and so on can be thrown in, convenient to take and safe.

Some bottles of slender, small bottles and perfume bottles are not realistic. What should we do?

cosmetics bottles

The simplest way is to open the stopper on the bottle mouth, wash the bottle body clean, and use it as a container for decoration. Make-up bottles or perfume bottles are usually very special in shape. They are used to make vases. They don't need to spend a penny instantly.

cosmetics bottles

Some bottles are not very nice. They can use some sticky paper that can be pasted.

Some designs are too cluttered with cosmetic bottles and can be remodeled by themselves. For example, print some nice patterns or labels and paste them on the bottle.

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