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Empty Bottle Of Cosmetics
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 12, 2018

Along with the sales boom on the e-commerce website, the medium and small samples of major brands of cosmetics have been sought after. Are the big-name cosmetics that look cheap and good really another window for ordinary consumers? It is well known that big-name cosmetics are expensive, that not all consumers can buy products, and that the capacity in an ordinary cosmetic bottle, if not used soon, will expire and lead to waste. According to the promotion of the products in the small and medium-sized cosmetic bottles, because the relative capacity is small, there is no need to worry about the waste caused by the use of surplus, and the price is also accepted by the public. It is the only choice for ordinary consumers. Promotional small and medium-sized cosmetic bottles are generally suitable for short-term travelers. If you really need cost-effective products, it is recommended to buy products from ordinary cosmetic bottles. In addition, not all the products in the small and medium-sized cosmetic bottles are genuine products, because of the soaring sales volume and the use of real cosmetic bottles to fill products, especially those purchased on major websites. Why is the recipe real, but it turns out to be fake?

From food, medicine, cosmetics to pesticides, almost every area involves bottle packaging. Glass bottles have a long history of packaging, compared to other packaging, more safe and practical and reassuring, but glass bottles packaging is also there are some defects. Glass bottles are transparent, which is one of the advantages of packaging. Compared with metal packaging, they can show off the packaging products in an unobstructed way and stimulate our desire to buy. However, because glass bottles are used for packaging such products as food and medicine, some products have light protection requirements for packaging. For example, the requirements of these products for light protection can affect the product's quality cycle. This needs to improve the performance of the glass bottle to avoid light. At present, there are two main ways. One is to use colored glass bottles, such as essential oil glass bottles is to use dark glass bottles for packaging to achieve light avoidance requirements. Another method is to improve the material itself in transparent glass bottles, through glass spray, spray, sand, baked flowers to deep processing of glass bottles. Cosmetic bottles in these years are basically in the pursuit of appearance grade, many cosmetic manufacturers believe that high-end appearance is an effective way to improve cosmetics. So we see a variety of materials, the appearance of fine cosmetic bottles are endless.

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