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Glass Perfume Bottle Development History
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 21, 2018

Glass perfume bottle development history

Glass perfume bottle (1st century BC, Cecilia)

About 1500 BC, skilled craft glass perfume bottles have emerged, common is dark blue, opaque or transparent bottle, decorated with blue, white or yellow zigzag pattern, which is typical of that era Lalique style.

There is no doubt that the glass perfume bottle was quite extravagant at that time, just like the liquid in the bottle. However, perfume is placed in the container, down is nothing new. Many early containers were made of rough clay. For the precious liquid contained inside, this vessel appears to be too permeable. Later, bottles of alabaster, onyx and porphyry were developed. These materials have the added advantage of keeping the inside of the bottle cooler and easier to store.

Greeks and Romans

The above mentioned materials are still used in Greece and Rome, but the design is a lot more elegant. Ancient Rome perfume bottles are often made of birds, animals and human head pattern jar.

About 50 BC, Syria developed a glass blowing art that allowed the glass to be set before it cooled down. This was a major technological advance. Then came the method of blowing the glass into a mold so that bottles of the same shape could be repeatedly produced.

Romans perfume bottles made of transparent glass, colorful decoration, various shapes and other shapes design, reflects the level of superb craftsmanship. But at the time those things were quite expensive, and most people still used their shell-shaped pottery to pack their spices.

Medieval, metal and enamelware appeared. Later until the eighteenth century, china's porcelain was used as a new material to make perfume bottles. Germany's Meissen, France's Sevres, Britain's Chelsea and other places, have succeeded in porcelain production center, the style of simple porcelain vase began in the dignity of people dresser appear.

However, glass is always a good material for making perfume bottles. Strong sesame oil in the porcelain will have an impact with each other. To put it another way: designing a sealed stopper on the finish of porcelain is hard, and the easy-to-use stopper is a minimum requirement for any mass production.

Bottle era

Until the end of the nineteenth century, perfume is still placed in ordinary containers, perfumers at home, the fragrance into the bottle, or by the customer in the selection of perfume and then choose a container. This requires a large number of beautiful bottles in the store for sale to meet the different needs of individuals.

But when modern perfumery is done in the "pyramid" of the heyday, it is imperative to consider bottling in the factory. The purpose of the bottle is accordingly designed to appeal to those who have a potential purchase.


And now, the rapid economic development has led to the improvement of people's living standards, but also makes the consumption of perfumes and other luxury pursues ever increasing, not only in the perfume itself, but also reflected in the perfume bottle, appeared in today's all kinds of fine design Novel perfume bottles, perfume bottles directly affect the design and sale of perfumes.

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