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Handwriting On Acrylic Bottles Must Meet Three Requirements
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 07, 2018

Clarity: The most basic requirement for the handwriting to be printed on any plane is that it must be clear, because only the handwriting is clear enough, people can clearly see the content of the text, so that the role of the text can be reflected. Therefore, the first requirement that companies must meet in the writing of acrylic bottles is clarity.

Neat: In order to ensure that the words on the acrylic bottles are easy for people to read, but also to ensure that the entire bottle has a beautiful appearance, not because of the presence of the text affect the appearance of the appearance, requiring companies to ensure that the handwriting on the bottles meet the neat requirements . Especially when the text is relatively large, it is necessary to optimize the design and processing to ensure that all your handwriting is very neat.

Integrity: In order to facilitate consumers to read the text, this product is well-understood, and the company is required to ensure that the handwriting on the acrylic bottle is very complete, and there will not be any situation that is incomplete and the specific content cannot be known.

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