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How Can The Remaining Cosmetic Bottles Be Recycled And Reused After The Cosmetics Are Used Up?
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 09, 2018

1. Eye cream small bottle can be carried with the body milk

Eye cream bottles are usually small, so you might as well take some eye cream or hand cream with you in the summer and apply it to the elbow or joint area that is often rubbed to keep the skin soft at all times. Avoid the accumulation of old waste keratin or dark skin.

2. Multi-colored bottles for DIY lavender wax

Different cream bottles of the same brand may be just different colors. If they are glass, you can use DIY scented candles, prepare some essential oils, drip different types of essential oils into different color bottles, and add melted white wax. A pure natural aromatherapy candle is made.

3. Empty powder cake box for monochrome eye shadow or oil absorption paper

The used powder cake box can not only be used to hold small monochrome eye shadow, to avoid the waste of buying eye shadow box again. In addition, the empty powder cake box is also suitable for loading oil-absorbing paper in the summer, which is light and convenient.

4. Ceramic bottles can save jewelry

Ceramic bottles are more suitable for preserving jewelry than ordinary glass bottles, resin bottles or plastic bottles because ceramic properties are more stable, are not easily affected by air humidity and external temperature changes, and are also more sealable, and are very suitable for preserving diamond rings, pearls or silver ornaments.

5. Lips empty bottle transparent nail oil first aid stockings

After the small lip color empty bottle is washed, it can be filled with some transparent nail oil. For girls, this is the magic of broken emergency stockings in the summer. A little bit can prevent the hole in the silk socks from getting bigger and bigger.

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