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Teach Your Homemade Lip Balm - Beeswax Olive Lipstick!
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 17, 2015

Beeswax 10cc / ml + honey 10cc / ml + base oil 25cc / ml + two VE capsules = 50g lipstick

Presumably often watch TV friends will often see such Mentholatum Lip ad: "natural beeswax specially added ingredients, add the olive oil component in particular." A lipstick sold expensive, but also just add olive oil and beeswax into a Species composition, most of the ingredients is very common petroleum wax, for lips is not very good. So do Seiji lipstick, completely is these types of ingredients: the finest natural beeswax, Greek extra virgin olive oil, pure honey, natural vitamin E, Rose Neroli essential oil (skin on the lips conservation role), then on the use of gas heating, plus lipstick tube to ensure that no other ingredients a little bit.

The first step: olive oil poured into a measuring cup

Step two: the amount of beeswax into the cup containing olive oil

The third step: the mixture of olive oil and beeswax into the already boiling pot cups, water heating beeswax to melt completely, completely melting the color of the solution slightly darker color than that of pure olive oil, the following is just put the pot and complete melting of FIG.

Step four: After you add vitamin E to melt enters, bring scissors to cut, then go in solution.

Step Five: Add honey, faster, it is necessary also to put into the pot and stirring and heating was continued, or honey did not fit into the olive oil, lumps.

Step Six: Add oil, the addition is complete, stirring was completed, it is about done

Step Seven: Finally do was poured into lipstick tube

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