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The Ingenious Design Of Spray Plastic Bottle Is Worth Knowing
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 14, 2018

Ingenious design of spray plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are now an indispensable container in life, in all aspects of life, there will be plastic bottles, plastic bottles have been everywhere, styles are also diverse, but there is a kind of plastic bottle invention can be called an absolute, that is, spray plastic bottles. Some of the things in the bottle are volatile. They often open the cap and cap of the bottle in use. This causes the volatilization and waste of the stuff. There are some solutions in full bloom in the container. It can not be used too much at once in use, or when the use of large area is needed, then the spray plastic bottle is completely possible. Solve these problems.

The design of spray plastic bottle is actually very simple, and the basic principle is the principle of pipeline pumping. The main design is at the bottle mouth, that is to install a bottle head at the bottle mouth. The head of the bottle is mainly a handle. The handle can trigger a small pump, and then the pump is connected to a plastic tube. This straw can suck the goods from the bottom of the tank. Of course, this can only be directed at liquid or sticky lotion. Then the pump will press the liquid into a narrow cavity and spray it out from the small hole of the sprayer. The viscosity of the liquid determines the size of the nozzle and the thickness of the plastic pipe.

The active part of the hydraulic pump in the design of the spray plastic bottle is a piston, located in a cylindrical hydraulic chamber, and a small spring in the hydraulic chamber. To make the hydraulic pump run, the wrench should be pulled back to the hydraulic chamber, and the piston will compress the spring, and when the spanner is loosened, the piston is moved again. The two stroke of the hydraulic chamber and the piston entering and leaving the hydraulic cavity form a complete pump cycle.

This small design contains the principle of an industrial pump, so don't look down on the spray bottle. It's a crystal of wisdom. This design can solve many problems in life.

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