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Things To Watch Out For When Cleaning Acrylic Bottles
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 29, 2018

In the process of using acrylic bottles, the bottle may become dirty and needs to be cleaned. At this time, everyone needs to pay attention to the following matters, so as to be able to do a good job of bottle cleaning while also protecting the bottle. Quality is damaged by poor cleaning:

Cleaning matters: When the surface of the acrylic bottle is covered with dust, litter, oil layer and other substances, the correct cleaning method is to wipe gently with a soft cloth and clean water, and before wiping the bottle, the bottle should be Harder foreign particles on the surface of the granules collapse before they can be wiped. Otherwise, the surface of the bottle may be damaged due to the friction of these hard objects during the wiping process.

Cleaning matters II: If the acrylic bottle surface is difficult to wipe clean dirt such as oil, we can use the soft difference is not diluted with warm water to dilute the central detergent to gently wipe, the use of detergent decontamination and warm water soaking, Promote stubborn dirt on the surface of the bottle is easily erased.

In addition, when cleaning acrylic bottles, everyone should also pay attention to see if the selected center detergent is contained easily. It must be ensured that the neutral detergent does not contain solvent, otherwise it may be due to the solvent in the detergent. Corrosion causes the bottle to be damaged by corrosion during the cleaning process.

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