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Top 5 Basic Requirements For Cosmetic Packaging
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 02, 2018

Cosmetic packaging is more complex, including the first layer of packaging, the second or third layer of packaging, and the outer transportation packaging. There are more types of first floor packaging, including bottles(such as plastic bottles, glass bottles), hoses(such as plastic hoses, composite hoses, metal hoses), bags(such as paper bags, plastic bags, composite bags), etc.; The second or third floor packing categories include boxes(such as carton, plastic box, metal box), labels, plasticizers, etc.; Outer transport packaging includes buffer packaging.

The appearance requirements of different levels of packaging are common and have its inherent particularity. Common appearance requirements include packaging printing patterns and handwriting should be neat, clear, not easy to fall off, uniform color and so on. The specificity of appearance requirements varies according to different types of packaging.

For bottle packaging, it is required that the bottle body should be smooth, smooth, thick and thin, without obvious scars and deformation, and there should be no cold explosion and cracks; The bottle mouth should be straight and smooth, there should be no burrs(burrs), and the thread and bayonet should be in good condition and correct; The combination of bottle and cover should be tight, without sliding teeth, loosening and leakage; Keep the bottle clean inside and outside.

For bag packaging, it is required that it should not have obvious wrinkles, scratches, air bubbles, and the color should be uniform and consistent; Seal should be strong, there should be no opening, perforation, leakage of liquid(ointment) phenomenon; Composite bag should be strong composite, even coating, no shedding.

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