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Acrylic Bottles Can Fully Meet The Requirements Of Decorative Performance
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 22, 2018

Although companies are based on the multi-faceted merits of fancy acrylic bottles, their outstanding performance in use, and their many advantages, they chose to use this type of bottle to package emulsion products, but they have many advantages. Among them, good decorative performance is a key point.

It can be said that the acrylic bottle can fully meet the requirements of decorative performance, mainly because of its excellent transparency, can achieve a high transmittance, in this regard, the characteristics of the promotion, there will be a crystal-like transparent texture, showing The clear visual effect of the operation makes people visually feel that the quality of the bottle is very high, which is beneficial to the upgrading of the product and allows consumers to trust the quality of the product from the packaging. In addition, the soft, clear vision of the acrylic bottle makes it possible to achieve excellent performance in appearance and give a very nice feeling.

In addition, the acrylic bottle has a good color development effect when it is dyed with a dye, and can fully express the color of the fuel, so that it is very rich in color, and can fully meet the use requirements in terms of appearance. Not only that, acrylic bottles can also be painted, silk screened or vacuum coated, which allows them to reach a very high level of appearance, thus allowing the bottle to fully meet the decorative performance requirements.

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