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Acrylic Bottles Have A Good Appearance And Long Life
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 23, 2018

Enterprises choose to use acrylic bottles to package emulsion products, although it is because the bottles have a good appearance, can enhance the visual effects of the product, to visually attract the attention of consumers, but there are also reasons on the one hand because of this bottle Long life, can use for a long time. The reason why this type of bottle looks good and is long-lived is mainly due to:

First, the acrylic bottle has excellent transparency, light transmittance is above 92%, so it looks like it has crystal-like transparency, soft light, and clear vision. At the same time, it can also be dyed with dyes, and with the help of materials, There will be very good color development. So not only from the texture point of view, but also from the color and color point of view, the appearance of acrylic bottles are very good, can achieve a high degree of aesthetics.

Second, the anti-aging properties of Acrylic bottles are very good, they are not easy to age easily, they have extremely excellent overall performance, the wear resistance is close to that of aluminum, the stability is also very good, and they are resistant to many kinds of chemicals, so they are used. It is not easy to be adversely affected by external factors and can maintain a stable structural performance state for a long period of time so as to realize long-term application and have a long service life.

This can fully explain that acrylic bottles not only look good, but also have a very long life.

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