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Cosmetics Bottle Silk Screen Technology Process Analysis
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 16, 2018

1, glass bottles and plastic bottles silk screen to plate fee, if it is a new specification bottle and silk screen factory does not have this corresponding fixture to collect the fixture fee, but the process can do a certain amount of silk screen to offset the cost.

2. In the production of exclusive silk screen bottles, it is necessary to face up to avoid excessive handling or collisions, to prevent silk screen printing, and to face up to the selection of a reasonable disinfection.

3, batch silk screen printing cosmetics before the first proofing, confirmed silk screen printing after the end of the production, after confirmation of production cycle for the 4-5 days, depending on the difficulty and the number of screen printing and differences.

4, plastic bottles, sub-general ink and UV ink silk screen, UV ink is more widely dominated, words and drawings are three-dimensional, more shiny, not easy to fade, can print multi-color end, from the print volume is usually more than 1,000.

5. If the frosted glass bottles have misprinted images, they can be reprinted after the initial grinding process and the processing fee is uncertain.

6. Individuals as a graphic product labeling process of packaging products, has an important impact on the product image, so the arts and crafts request higher.

7, all silk screen printing factory has bronzing, hot silver and other processing technology, silk screen preparation of manual, mechanical screen printing, printing and paste stickers and other printing technology.

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