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Colored Perfume Bottle Is How To Make
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 03, 2018

In the market because glass bottles need to be dark, the process of coloring vary, different colors have different processes. So, coloring perfume glass how to make it


Many glass bottles manufacturers spray, coloring and other processes on the perfume glass bottles coloring, the most effective way is to use crucible burning process. In different crucibles, according to the different needs of raw materials, deployment of raw materials, stir into the crucible, and then heated to melt. After nearly 20 hours, the material rod is entangled with the seasoning stick. According to the size of the glass bottle, the size of the material is manually trimmed and then put in a semi-automatic bottle making machine for bottle making. After the second annealing, the package can be inspected , Packing storage. This process is based on the requirements of the color directly into the raw materials, the production of glass bottles are colorful, spraying coloring process can not be replaced. However, each glass must use a color, not two colors at the same time. Therefore, you can not mix two colors together. And many glass bottles require several colors at the same time, especially some high-end cosmetics, perfume bottles also need to transition color to set off the temperament of the product, and this requirement is none other than non-spraying process. Therefore, the crucible melting process can only meet the requirements of a small number of glass bottles, and many olive glass bottles, tea oil glass bottles and brown dark green wine bottles are based on user needs, non-spraying process.

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