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Glass Frosting Cosmetic Bottle Production Technology And Technical Difficulties
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 03, 2018

Glass Frosting Cosmetic bottle production technology and technical difficulties, from FOSUN Cosmetic bottle into the cosmetic bottle packaging market since its operation in the packaging scale grew rapidly, and, because the frosted glass products from the shape of the restrictions, all kinds of popular Therefore, the demand for frosting cosmetic bottles is on the rise. Competition is still continuing, we firmly believe that after the FUSED cosmetic bottle cosmetic packaging in the future will be more broad-based vision!

In the production process, the fumigation of cosmetic bottles is very simple, just need to clean glass products immersed in frosting liquid 1-3 minutes after removing, drying can be dry. Frosting solution ratio to Zhengzhou Yuke Glass Co., Ltd. cosmetics Frosting powder, for example: 10kg Frosting powder into 5kg concentration of 36% hydrochloric acid, stir for 24 hours, then stir well Operable. Production also need to face the following issues:

1, Frosting powder should be placed in a dry ventilated place to prevent damp.

2, glass bottles product must be clean and can not have debris.

3, if a non-uniform frosting, can be cleaned after two Frosting.

As L'Oreal, Lancome and many other well-known domestic cosmetics company's marketing director said, ancient consumers prefer bi-level packaging Yahua cosmetic bottles. After the frosted glass bottles very fine outline of Frosting particles, so that frosted glass bottles, such as the beauty of the jade as a warm and elegant luster, the mysterious bottle of hazy beauty, delicate and smooth feel, innocent visual fate Make it a success in the proliferation of packaging materials refurbished. Moreover, the unchanging characteristics of glass, for example, do not fade, no distortion, effectively prevent the cosmetic bottle from reacting with the bottle under the light of enviroment and can better protect the quality of the cosmetics. In the fast forward product added value at the same time, with Frosted glass bottles to package clothing products to ensure that the product can keep up with the market growth tide, to maximize consumer satisfaction needs.

4, the operation should wear rubber gloves to prevent burns the skin, if inadvertent contact with the skin should be washed with water in real time.

5, Frosting operation for a period of time, should be added in real time Frosting powder and hydrochloric acid.

With the rapid development of the cosmetics packaging industry, the cosmetic bottle market is increasingly demanding on the packaging visualization. Because of its lofty and elegant appearance, the frosted bottle has become popular among cosmetics manufacturers and consumers. The main packaging materials market.

6, Frosting fluid must be prepared in plastic containers or anticorrosive metal containers.

7, Frosting fluid operation before mixing, when not stamped storage.

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