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Magical Effect Of Running Out Of Cosmetic Bottles
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 15, 2018

1, small jars of bottles, can be used to bubble paper film, you can do deployment of essential oil containers, you can also put earrings, can also be divided into travel equipment, travel without having to spend extra money to buy travel equipment points Containers.

2, medium (about 50G), pack some large cans of cream or body lotion or hand cream, placed in the unit or gym,

3, extra large bottles, especially glass bottles can be used to put long string necklace, do not have to buy another jewelry box,

4, some cosmetics counters engage in activities, empty bottles can be recycled for sample replacement.

5, the kind of with a straw, the olive oil or their own deployment of compound essential oil into it, drop out at any time to wipe

6, such as long thin strip make-up water bottle, wash and plug in a small exquisite plants, can also be used as a pen, because the cosmetics bottle design is more sophisticated, so than the outside to buy the vase looks good, if you do not like The original color, DIY buy some wipe a touch of color, is absolutely unique

7, finished powder box, get some color paper or satin outside the package, the middle of the photo, both the photo frame can be placed at home, you can also carry on the bag to carry a make-up mirror

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