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Small-capacity Glass Production Process
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 15, 2018

 At present, there are also domestic manufacturers of small capacity glass bottles produced by automatic machines. Due to the small capacity, the initial mold and forming mold requirements of the assembly line technology are very strict. They must be multi-gobs, and multiple units can guarantee the temperature needs. In this way, The number of demanding.


 No matter what kind of process to produce small-capacity glass bottles, will control the mold material is very strict, small glass bottle finish and die quality and insulation measures have a direct relationship.


In the glass bottle production process, the production of small-capacity glass bottles is very complicated, the production conditions are very strict, especially the following glass bottles. At present, most of the following production processes:


Manual picking process, set up in the kiln stick mouth, stick with the material into the manual rotation of the head, the glass liquid entangled out, facing the beginning of the first bottle mold machine mouth, then hand-scissors according to the glass The size of the glass cut glass frit, fall into the initial mold, and then blowing, forming the initial material , and then manually flip, so that the material 呸 balance evenly, into the mold, blowing, the output of molded glass , And then returned to the furnace for secondary annealing.


 There are many small round kiln, surrounded by a number of crucible into the pool, the middle is the combustion chamber, according to the requirements of different colors of raw materials into the crucible after mixing, after nearly 20 hours of combustion melt, you can from Each crucible, hand-seasoning production, the operation steps and the large kiln next to set up the same stick mouth, but this kiln can meet the needs of different materials at the same time, but the disadvantage is the poor melt material, slow production, low yield , High cost, mostly for the capacity of small shaped glass bottles and a small number of handicraft glass bottles.

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