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Plastic Material -- The King Of Cosmetics Packaging
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 19, 2018

Beauty lovers are always attracted by the dazzling array of cosmetics on the market, but few people pay attention to the packaging materials of cosmetics. Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to the safety of food packaging. Should the safety knowledge of cosmetic packaging be put on the agenda and be paid attention to? For people in the food packaging of plastic packaging security concerns, in the cosmetics industry, so far, has not been found. Today's cosmetic packaging materials can be roughly divided into three categories: one is plastic packaging materials, including plastic pipes, plastic boxes, plastic bags and plastic bottles, plastic bottles are known as cosmetic packaging materials "flower in the house"; the other is glass packaging, including various forms of plastic bottles; One is the composite material packaging, including toothpaste and other tubular packaging, although the aluminum tube packaging which has been used extensively in the past has been eliminated, but the multi-layer plastic composite technology still makes it in the cosmetic packaging field brilliant.

Plastics with its strength, light quality and easy to break and so on, as well as a wide range of plastic packaging design, can be realized in a very short time and implemented in the production of cosmetic packaging materials in the competition in an invincible position.

As a fashion consumer, cosmetics not only rely on efficacy to open the market, but also need high-quality and high-tech packaging materials to enhance their status. The application of new plastic materials has gradually evolved into a way for the cosmetic industry to improve existing products and launch new products. Antibacterial plastic bottles are the most popular cosmetics companies, but also for the health of users the most secure. Antibacterial plastic bottles are developed to inhibit the production of bacteria on the surface of containers, which can be widely used in cosmetics, detergents and medicine bottle packaging.

When it comes to plastic bottles, we have to mention the PET bottles that have recently been answered in plastic bottles. The main applications of PET bottles and cans are skin care products, shower gel and cosmetics. For some products, the PET bottle is the most ideal packaging material. Plastic is easy to handle and can be designed into many fashionable and transparent classic products. In addition, PET bottles have a soft touch and can be decorated on a variety of surfaces, which is the only packaging material. Nowadays, the application of PET plastics is more and more extensive, and the prospect of PET plastics in cosmetic packaging will also be broader in the future.

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