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Teach You How To Preserve Skin Care Products In Summer.
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 19, 2018

The suitable temperature for cosmetics is between 10 ~30 and C. But many families use ordinary household refrigerators, so not all skin care products are suitable for such refrigerators. Can be placed in the refrigerator is mainly aquatic products, when used to take out "warm" for a while, too low temperature will make the skin irritated.

Facial Cleanser

Reasons for deterioration: usually store in the bathroom, frequent bathing in summer and heavy humidity in the bathroom. Moisture can speed up the multiplication of bacteria in the cleansing milk containing lipid or protein and deteriorate.

Method: Do not put the cleanser in the bathroom in summer, keep the ventilation in the bathroom, and cover the cleanser in time.

Emollient water

The reason for deterioration: in the summer, when I went to the special counter to try out the makeup water, it was actually warm by the light of the counter. Attention: Make-up water can not be placed near the light source, especially in direct sunlight, high temperature is easy to make it deteriorate.

Method: Make-up water products can be packed back to the original packaging box, placed in the bottom layer of the refrigerator, avoid directly on the refrigerator door, because in the open and close, the exchange of cold and hot air is most likely to deteriorate the product.

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