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Reuse Of Empty Bottles For Skin Care Products
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 14, 2018

Many of the bottles of skin care products in our life are very beautiful. It's a pity to lose them after using them. What else can these empty bottles be used for besides collecting?

• washing powder and hand sanitizer.
A little bigger bottle can be used for washing powder, 400ml bottles can be packed a lot. In addition, some bottles of emulsion can also be used for hand washing, which is small and beautiful.

•Essential oil
Essential bottles with glass droppers can be used to hold essential oils, and the design of droppers is also suitable for the use of essential oils.

• multicolored bottles for DIY aromatherapy wax
The same brand of different series of cream bottles may only be different colors, if it is glass material, you can use DIY aromatherapy candles, prepare some essential oils, different kinds of essential oils into different colors of the bottles, and then add melted white wax, a pure natural aromatherapy candle is ready.

• empty powder box for monochrome eye shadow or oil absorbing paper.

The finished powder box can be used to install small monochromatic eyeshadow and avoid the waste of eye shadow boxes. In addition, the empty powder box is also suitable for the use of oil absorbing paper in summer, which is light and convenient.

• Ceramic bottles can be used for jewelry.
Ceramic bottles are more suitable for jewelry preservation than ordinary glass or plastic bottles because they are less susceptible to changes in air humidity and external temperature, and are more sealed, making them ideal for preserving diamond rings, pearls or silver jewelry.

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