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The Secret That You Don't Know About The Makeup Case Teaches You To Read The Packaging.
Zhejiang Cosme Packaging Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 23, 2018

1, after Kaifeng shelf life

If the sign indicates 12M, that is, the period of use after Kaifeng is 12 months. The retention period marked on the outer packaging refers to the storage time when it is not opened. The skin care products have different ingredients, and the use period after Kaifeng is also different. The use period of makeup remover, makeup water, etc. is 6 months, the frost and essence class is 9 to 12 months, and non-added products such as preservatives and spices are valid for shorter periods..

Environmental signs. Environmental signs.

2, environmental logo

The two-color arrow indicates that the packaging of the product conforms to green environmental protection requirements, indicating that the product is recycled from production to use until final consumption, and meets the requirements of ecological balance and environmental protection.

Stay away from the fire. Stay away from the fire.

3, stay away from the source of fire

Indicates that the storage environment should be kept dry and avoid being close to a fire source, heat source or exposure. For example, perfumes, mousse, nail polish and other products can be found on the packaging of such a sign.

Recycle sign. Recycle sign.

4, recyclable Mark

This arrowhead sign shows that goods or packaging of goods are made of renewable materials, which are beneficial to the environment and protect the earth. The use of recyclable, recyclable goods can reduce the consumption of Earth's resources. There will be differences in the logo of different countries. The production of Japan and South Korea is mostly Square, and the production of Europe and the United States is mostly triangular, but they are all circular shapes with arrows.

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